Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) in Denver, CO

There are numerous reasons why Cherry Creek Oral Surgery and Dental Implants would perform Otoplasty, or ear surgery, on Denver patients. Misshapen, or unusually protruding ears can be damaging to self-esteem, and among children can lead to bullying. Otoplasty repositions ears in relation to the face and head, restoring or establishing symmetry and unity to your head. Because protruding ears can lead to bullying by other children. The ear is approximately 85 percent developed by age three and fully developed by age seven, which makes this the ideal time to reshape the ears. Even if you are older than seven, otoplasty is safe and effective and at any age and can lead to improvement in your quality of life.


Otoplasty is a surgery. For that reason, you want to trust that your surgeon is qualified and has the experience needed to treat you or your child successfully. While Dr. Nesiba will go over the procedure in detail during your consultation and before the surgery, he finds it helpful to understand the broad strokes:

  • First, Dr. Nesiba will make a small incision behind the ear. It will remain well-hidden after the ear heals.
  • Then he uses a combination of suturing techniques and cartilage removal to reshape and size the ears aesthetically.
  • Although this procedure can be accomplished under local anesthesia alone, Dr. Nesiba will tailor the type of anesthesia to your needs and age, ensuring that the procedure is completed safely.

You or your child don’t have to live with the self-consciousness that accompanies oddly-shaped or protruding ears. Otoplasty is perfectly safe, and Cherry Creek Oral Surgery and Dental Implants has the expertise needed to reshape how you think about yourself.

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