Buccal Fat Pad Removal (Facial Slimming) in Denver, CO

Everyone desires well-defined cheekbones. Long considered synonymous with beauty in women; they are an underrated quality in men. Cherry Creek Oral Surgery and Dental Implants performs facial slimming in Denver. Those “chubby” cheeks you had when you were a child may not be as cute as an adult. Dr. Nesiba performs subtle slimming procedures that enhance the face in small but significant ways. Discover a new and more attractive you with a visit to Cherry Creek Oral Surgery and Dental Implants.


Facial slimming surgery involves a technique called Buccal Fat Removal. Buccal fat occurs naturally in the cheek. The amount of buccal fat varies from patient to patient, which is why some want to reduce or remove it. Patients who have lost large amounts of weight are often candidates for this surgery because buccal fat doesn’t always respond to diet and exercise, leading to an unbalanced appearance because the face no longer fits the rest of your body and facial profile. Best of all, facial slimming surgery leaves no scarring because it is performed intra-orally.

You may be considered a candidate for buccal fat removal if you are at a stable weight and are physically healthy, have realistic expectations, are a non-smoker, and are bothered by the appearance of your cheeks.

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